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Become Pounds Lighter, Have a TIGHT & TONED Butt, Hips And Thighs And Melt Those Inches Away!

Workout Programmes to suit all fitness abilities.

Complete programmes to suit absolute beginners who have not exercised in many years through to intermediate and advanced routines.

  • 3 Week Complete Beginners Programme
  • 6 Week Beginners to Intermediates
  • 12 Week Advanced Level Programme

A Range of Exercise Types

  • Kettlebell
  • Ab Workouts
  • Flexibility
  • No equipment
  • High intensity
  • Cardio
  • Motivation
  • Easy Does It

Easy to follow food plans that get great results.  

  • 8 Week Meal Planners
  • 3 Day Cleanes
  • Fat Burning Recipe Book 
  • Plus the brilliant FAT DEMOLISHER book that will have you thinking completely differently about the food you eat.

Bonus Content

The large selection of workouts is added to every week meaning you never have the chance to get used to any one session – this is great for your motivation and more importantly to keep your body constantly challenged.

Various workout Lengths

Sometimes 10 minutes is all you have – therefore you need a ten minute routine so you can carry on making progress – that is where I have you covered.

There is a range of workout times from the super quick but highly effective 10 minute blasts to a 40 minute session. The most common time period people like is a 20 – 30 minute session.

Easy & Convenient to Use.

All of the workouts are in the follow along video format – making it easy for you keep the flow of your workout whilst also ensuring you know exactly what you need to do, how to do it and most importantly having someone there with you to motivate and support you.

Giving you what you need to get the results you want

Not only do you get Quality workouts delivered in structured fitness plans,

You also get Support, Motivation and Guidance – It makes all the difference you need to succeed. 


Do I have to give notice to cancel ?

No. you can cancel at any time – simply go into your account and make the changes.

Do I get full access straight away ?

Yes you will have access to all the programmes and nutrition – I want you to be able to get going straight away and see great results.

Do I need any equipment for the workouts ?

All the workouts are designed to be carried out at home in a small amount of space.

The ‘Easy Does It’ and ‘Lean Ladies’ programmes do not require any equipment.

The Body Fix programme and other workouts do require some light dumbbells or kettlebell.  You can use a couple of water bottles if you do not have dumbbells at the moment – this works very well.

I'm a busy person and work long hours - if I miss a day due to not getting home until late would I still benefit ?

Yes Definitely – You don’t have to do everyday to see good results. The workouts are only short so they give you the best chance of squeezing them in. It is the consistency over the weeks that is important. Having a wide range of workout styles and lengths to choose from – and you can complete them all at home gives you the best possibility of being consistent – that is what the programme is all about – once you get into the routine you have cracked it.

Can I join if I live outside the UK ?

Yes of course – no problem at all.

Feel free to register and enjoy the workouts.

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