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The programme designed for the complete beginner.

This 3 week programme is the one for you if you haven’t exercised in a while or have been ill or injured and need a gentle start.

There is a workout for 6 days of the week and a stretch day one day a week.

No equipment is needed other than a stool or chair and a small step.  All the workouts are designed to be carried at home using a follow along video.

I take you through every workout, show you the exercises and give you ways to modify if you need to.

You can expect to see these changes in your body – more energy, lose fat, increase muscle strength, more flexibility, better balance, more agility and general feel healthier.

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When you click the button above you can fill in your details – I will then take you by the hand and walk you through the programme.

I will email you everyday with some motivation to keep it going and also the link to that days workout.

You can also join the Facebook group to get even more support and motivation from the other ladies on the programme.

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