Beginner Workout At Home Without Equipment

Are you looking to get started on an exercise routine? But want to do something at home and not go to the gym. 

The great thing is this is completely ok and you can get amazing results doing all your exercise at home without any equipment at all. 

There are many reasons why you might not want to go to the gym and some see that as a barrier to not exercise but it really doesn’t need to be that way.

I want to show you some great workouts you can do from home – where you don’t need to pay an expensive membership fee, travel for miles to get there, find someone to look after the kids and feel uncomfortable in front of all the skinny, lycra glad regulars.

Lets first look at a workout that you could do 3 or 4 times a week – A good workout routine will look to work your whole body, increasing strength in the upper and lower body muscle groups and also include a cardio aspect to the workout too.  This will ensure you burn up a good amount of calories and also keep your heart and lungs healthy.

This is the first workout from the Easy Does It 3 week programme.

Squat and press against wall 10 reps

Hug the tree 10 reps

Diagonal knee raise with arms 10 each side

Squat and lateral arm raise 10 reps

Plank with hands on stool 10 seconds

Step back burppee (hands on stool) and 4 punches 10 reps

Mountain climbers – hands on stool 10 reps

Sit ups reaching to tops of knees 10 reps

Repeat whole routine one more time

The key to success when performing a beginner workout at home is to have a plan.  It is important to work at the correct intensity for your fitness level.  I see many people set off far to hard in the early stages only to get put off by bad experiences of aches and pains and also a fear of the workouts because they feel far too uncomfortable performing them.

Starting an exercise plan is not always an easy place to be but with a good routine and plan in place it should be something that you never regret doing – producing brilliant changes to your body and your life.


Beginner top tips

Be Consistent

This is the number one factor that will get you results. The important thing to remember is that you need a good plan that can keep you going day after day so that in 2, 4, 6 weeks you are still going, still enjoying it and most of all still seeing results

Work your whole body

This will get as many muscles fired up as possible - this gives you more bang for your buck - giving better results more quickly.

Include steady cardio

This will burn up some extra calories, improve your fitness levels and keep your heart and lungs strong and healthy.

Learn to breath through the exercises

Often overlooked but a very important part of exercising is getting enough air into your body so it can perform the best it can. Get this right and it will really help your progress.

If you like the idea for following a structured home workout plan that doesn’t require any equipment and give great results check out the 3 week Easy does It plan or the 6 week Beginners Lean Ladies programme.

Both have follow along videos for each day and offer support and motivation to get you started and keep you going.

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