Beginner’s Exercise Top Tips

Starting an exercise programme often presents with so many areas that it can often leave you vulnerable to falling off the wagon early on.

The good thing is with these simple to follow guidelines you can increase your chances of success and see great short term and long term results.

Start Slowly

At the beginning your body is not familiar with exercise and therefore it is not set up to cope with it as efficiently as you may like or would hope. Therefore it is not effective to push yourself too hard to soon - you will become sore and fatigued very quickly without seeing equal amount in gains. The key is to challenge yourself but keep it controlled and moderate. Stick to this for the first 2 to 4 weeks..

Keep Your Workouts Short

Even an advanced fitness enthusiast does not need to spend an hour in the gym each day. Short and well structured workouts will produce amazing results leaving you more time to carry on with other demands in your life. This is especially true when you are new to exercise as you don’t need an hour to create a good stimulus for your body to respond.

Modify Where You Need To

We are all made up differently, therefore we all have different strengths and weaknesses in our natural make up. Just because your mate can do a full press up doesn’t mean you should be able to do one. Just because your sister can run 3 miles doesn’t mean you should be able to. Therefore we must accept that at times it is appropriate to make some modifications to individual exercises, workouts and in some cases the whole plan.

It is all part of the challenge and you shouldn’t look at it as a negative thing to include a modification. Over time you will work towards the full version and when you do this will be a big bench mark that will provide great motivation and a sense of success. Also keep in mind that the person that perhaps can do some things you can’t, will not be able to do some of the things you can.

Include Strength Exercises In Your Plan

By stimulating the muscles throughout the whole body you create a much better furnace to burn up extra calories which will speed up fat loss. Also you will be future proofing yourself against injury, posture problems, muscle imbalances and most importantly you will create an aesthetically pleasing shape and tone throughout your whole body.

Get Support and Motivation

Having like minded people around you to pull you up on the tough days and cheer you on during the good days can make or break your fitness programme. Going it alone can be done but its hard and you need to be super determined. Find a training partner or someone who can hold you accountable but in a supportive manor - It is proven many times over that being part of a team or group can significantly increase your chances or success

One Thing at a Time

Focus on small changes - one at a time. Launching yourself into working out every day and a full diet change will be overwhelming and you will throw in the towel far easier than if you focus on smaller goals.

Get the exercise going first and once this becomes a regular part of your daily routine start introducing small diet changes each week. It really doesn't take long to see the results so don't feel that you need to do it all at once.

One brick at a time.

Follow a structured and proven plan

Having a plan to follow takes away all of the guess work. When you are starting a fitness plan you don’t necessarily have the experience to know what the correct thing is to do to keep safe and effective in your workouts. The last thing you will want to do is get injured or feel like you are not making good progress for all your efforts.

The fitness plans on the FITme site have been proven to be very effective - with many many happy ladies completing them year after year. They take all the factors highlighted in this guide and put them into practice to give you the most rewarding journey when starting your fitness plan.

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