Get Fit and Lose Weight Anywhere

The 3 Key Programmes

Easy Does It

3 Week Complete Beginner Programme

Ideal if you haven’t exercised in a very long time.

Follow along videos

Very Steady Pace

Download the App to your phone

 Dedicated Facebook Group

Lean Ladies 

6 Week Beginner / Intermediate Programme

Great for getting you going again

Follow along videos

Structured and Progressive Plan

Over 25 workouts so you never do the same one more than twice

Download the App to your phone

Dedicated Facebook Group for Support and Motivation


Body Fix   

12 Week / Ongoing Intermediate to Advanced

Follow along videos

Structured and Progressive Plan

Full Use of all the different Styles of Workouts from the site

Various options each day

Dedicated Facebook Group for Support and Motivation


One Clear Path

The Correct Workout Programme for Your Level + The 8 Week Diet Fix Plan

Plenty of routines and styles to keep you going

8 Week Diet Fix Plan & Fat Demolisher Book 

Abs Workouts – Boxing Workouts

KettleBell Workouts

Stretch and Relax – Workout Finishers

Help and Advice

Super Quick Sessions – HIIT Workouts

5Km and 10 Km Running Plans

Written Workouts

Best Thing Ever

This was absolutely the best thing to pop up on my Facebook ever.  Short, sharp, fun exercise programmes that fit in easily with your day.

Helen Calo
http://Easy Does It


This is the first time I have completed a course and I have signed up for a lot. 

If you want change, don’t hesitate Adam is the one for you.

Sally Griffin
http://Lean Ladies

Really Pleased

I am really pleased with the last 6 weeks – I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist, 1 off my hips and thighs and 1/2 off my arms.  Just signed up for the next stage.

Hanna Bulter
http://Lean Ladies

"It is like having your own Personal Trainer"

I will give you the structure, support and motivate you, which means you keep it going and see the results you want.


Pick the programme that best suits your fitness level and I will support and motivate you through the entire course.


Bonus Content

The large selection of workouts is added to every week giving you ongoing motivation and progress.


Various Workout Lengths

Sometimes 10 minutes is all you have - therefore you need a ten minute routine so you can carry on making progress - that is where I have you covered.

The most common time period people like is a 20 - 30 minute session.


Easy & Convenient to Use

All of the workouts are in the follow along video format - making it easy for you keep the flow of your workout whilst also ensuring you know exactly what you need to do, how to do it and most importantly having someone there with you to motivate and support you.